who we are

Erected for the purpose of aid, Enterprise Hub have grown within the last few years around the passion gained to help businesses expand from their early steps, into fully fledged companies with access to office space suited to each company's nature, along with incentives fabricated to help further growth and success.

What We Do

With the expansive space of a freshly refurbished mill, Enterprise Hub offer office spaces varied in size for every company they serve to aid. Able to provide empty spaces, or fully furnished rooms both fitted with wifi, businesses can begin their journey up the ladder, working on flexible terms to cater their needs, without worrying about any hidden bills.

Our Promise

With the full coverage of a live 24/7 CCTV feed, Enterprise Hub promise protection to the fullest extent for all housed companies, providing pristine management and maintenance to keep every suite looking clean, tidy and professional, while giving full, unhindered access to those physically or mentally impaired.

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